Saturday, November 13, 2010

The long awaited vacation

Before I start this entry, I would like to thank my team mate for allowing me to rest this weekend after being away every weekends for the last few weeks. Not to mention, my health is really not in good shape and been screaming for rest. Alhamdulilah, I managed to get some rest as well as get to do some cleaning for the house, something I haven't got the chance to do for quite sometime.

I love November. Why? Cause it's the closest to December. Why am I looking forward for December? Cause it's the month of our vacation. Nope, we are not going to somewhere far. Just to the neighbouring country. Insyallah, next year's vacation, we will go to somewhere further, if everything goes well....

I have made the necessary bookings and arrangement.


We are not flying there. We choose to take the bus, i.e. via Aeroline. This was recommended by a friend who often commute from KL to Singapore. After doing some research and analysis (vacation is a serious business ok, I even have a spreadsheet to see the best and affordable way to travel, been doing this for all vacation we took). This bus has many facilities planes don't have. The fare include wide screen television on board with various movies, with headphones for four different music channels, one for the movie on screen – all for your journey’s comfort, solitude and enjoyment, meals, drinks, lounge, higher baggage allowance and many many other facilities like Wii. The price for return tickets are half of plane tickets. Many people would say it took longer time, but try including the time travel to airport and then the check in time, you'll arrive even before the plane does.


Thanks to Zu, for the hotel recommendation. We don't want to spend so much on this as we know we will not be in the hotel room all the time. As long as it is comfortable and near to halal makan place as well as MRT, we are ok with the choice. Considering the time we plan to go is super peak season, I have made the reservation to ensure we have a place to stay.

Places to go

Of course this trip is for Mama's shopping craze the kids to see interesting places. I have booked the tickets to Universal Studio and Night Safari. Day One is for us to just walk around while Day 2 would be for the Universal Studio. Day 3 is more sightseeing and Night Safari while Day 4 for some shopping before making our way back to KL. Of course, in between some shopping as the trip coincedently scheduled during the Singapore Big Sale *wink wink*

I can't wait for this. Actually, I told the kids we will only go to Singapore if Mira gets 5As for her UPSR. If she don't the whole trip will not happen when actually we will still go even if she did not get 5As. All bookings have been made way before the results we announced. The moment Ilham knew Mira got 5As, his first reaction....Yes, Singapore!!!! Ada ka??

Talking about Mira, we are really missing her at home. This morning, when Ilham woke up before MBH went to work, he did not see me awake. He asked his Papa, Mama mana? And Papa conviniently told him "Mama kan pegi Johor". He candidly told Papa, "Tak best kan, semua org takde, Kakak kat satu tempat, Mama kat tempat lain..." How sweet.

Let me end by saying, I have many many things in life that many people only dream of having. Despite all the negative things happening, I am blessed with everything Allah has given me. I am totally grateful....

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Working weekend in Penang

Last weekend would be the last free weekend for me. From this weekend until end of this year would be occupied with work as my project's roadshows has kicked off. Since the kids are done with their exams, I have decided to drag them along. At least they can stay in the hotel and enjoy themselves at the pool or kids
club while mom is working. Papa, of course would be the official babysitter.

This weekend would be the Penang week. We will be making our way to Penang on Friday evening and Insyallah, should arrive before midnight. It was not easy to convince MBH to come along. He don't really like to go to the northern part of our country. Can't blame him, everytime we came to this part, we never fail to encounter bad experience. I pray let this trip be a smooth one so that I can do my work and leave and when we leave I get to see my family's happy faces to make up for the loss time of spending time together.

Nevertheless, I was eyeing to visit some famous Penang place after work which will end approximately at 6pm to 7pm. Let see the lists :

Nasi Kandar

I really look forward to enjoy the famous Nasi Kandar. Some recommended me to go to Line Clear, some said to go to Hameediyah while others sworn by the Nasi Kandar Mohd Rafee. Everytime I come to Penang I always tell myself to have the Nasi Kandar but ended up just having one at Pelita Jalan Ampang the next day due to tight schedule. That's evident everytime I come to Penang it's for work. Hopefully, I get to enjoy a plate this time.

Halal Char Kuey Teow and Laksa

Can someone please recommend me where can I get my hands on this. I have been told many many times Penang has the most delicious and authentic CKT and laksa. CKT may be a challenge to find a halal one. But I  am sure some one can direct me to a halal one so that I can enjoy the true meaning of Penang local hawker food.

Pardon my ignorance, this is the 2 food I know off in Penang. Please feel free to recommend. And please consider I am going to be there only for 2 days and can only do this on Saturday night. Day time working and Sunday have to make a move to KL....

I hope this time around it will be a good experience in Penang so that I can persuade MBH for us to come again.

Signing off,