Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liza on the map ~ the overdue Kota Kinabalu trip

One of my aim for 2011 was to complete the whole "Let's conquer Malaysia" journey for my family. I have travelled to all states in Malaysia but most were due to business trip, which means my family don't come along. However, 2011 KPI experienced the spill over effect hence the KK trip can only happened in January 2012 due to various reasons. Yes, Sabah is the only state they haven't gone to.

We got this good deal via Air Asia, for both flight and accommodation. And of course for us to move around, having a car is a must. We rented the car at the airport.

Some pointers for those who wish to visit KK

Must eat

I must say, I don't really enjoy the food in KK, mainly due to the blend taste. I am a person who loves spicy food, so without that spiciness macam kureng skit. But, don't miss out to enjoy seafood in KK. Especially the ones selling behind the Philipino Market. We had lobsters, large prawns, big fishes and squids at super low prices!

Must shop

Of course lah the the pearls. What is a trip to KK if you don't get the pearls. I got like many of them, some for me and some as gifts to close friends and families. Please remember to bargain at least 60% lower than the offered price. Insist on those pricing otherwise you have spent way too much for the pearls.

Must see

This is the tricky part cause there's so much to see. Gunung Kinabalu is one of them. Of course, take the opportunity to go island hopping. We had ours and Ilham even said, the islands in KK are much more beautiful than the those in Australia. That's how awesome they are.

Must do

For those who are adventure junkies, of course you need to climb up Mount Kinabalu. I dream of doing that myself one Insyallah. And those who thought of trying the basic of snorkelling, come to the islands in Sabah. The snorkelling experience were really something to the kids.(Not me, I was just having good nap at the beach while waiting for Papa and the kids enjoying themselves)

Some photos from the trip

So, now we completed the whole Malaysia journey. Now it's time to conquer the world!!! CHEWAH!

Signing off,