Monday, June 29, 2015

Leaving June and No Looking Back

I can't remember being really tired for a whole month like how I am tired in June. So many life events which caused me to be so exhausted, either physically or when handling the emotional roller coasters drama called life. I feel like everything has to happen in June ; death, siblings rivalry, business predicament, children's issues, work problems....You just name it. All happens in June. I should not however speak too soon since there are 2 more days left in June and I hope my drama streak is over, at least for this month.

I have this one issue. When things are wrong, I just have to say something. I can't just sit and be quiet and see all this wrongdoings happen, especially if it happens in our family, be it our core family and extended family. Many occasions I get in trouble for speaking my mind. However, one good thing is I have improved on this subject ; I can still tell myself, "Liza, this is not your place to say anything. You are an outsider. You are just the in-laws etc". However, couple of days ago, I just couldn't hold myself as the person who others are hurting is my better half. Sometimes, I feel many people are just not grateful for having such a wonderful person as a brother, who really takes care of them, never failed to be there when he is needed and will do everything he can to help his family. And again, I speak my mind and got into trouble...AGAIN!

My hope for July, though my lecturer once told me "Hope is not a strategy". Well, what can I do when hope is all I have ;

1. I am graduating in less than 2 weeks time. After 2 years trying to juggle and complete my studies, finally I am done. Alhamdulilah, though it has not been easy. Will I do it again, well, as crazy as it may sound, I think I will. #PhDFTW

2. We will be celebrating Aidilfitri abroad. First experience for the kids and my better half. After what we have experience, and maybe still experiencing depending how this couple of days will be, I secretly as glad we are not in the country on Raya days. I personally feel I just have to get away from few ungrateful individuals.

3. Kicking start the second half of 2015 and focusing to meet work related KPI. Last year was a horrible year as far as work is concern. This year so far looks promising, however lots of work need to be done to meet the numbers apart from driving high impact projects that will benefit the graduates in particular

Not to be over ambitious, I will just stick to the above for now. I, of course, have thousands of other hopes. That has to be saved for other times, or accurately other months to come...

So July, please be kind. I am tired, I am exhausted. I am drained. I need recharging and I hope you can do that wonders for me....Insyallah

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