Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day Out With The Kids

I am so happy today and I can't lie. I also can't pretend I am in deep depression after all that has happened the past couple of weeks. Yes, it scarred me but the important thing is I am still in one piece Alhamdulilah. No point pretending to be sad just to satisfy others or so that others don't judge me. Not my problem any way.

This weekend we decided to reward the kids. They have been very patient supporting us during difficult period we went through. While my better half and I running around settling so many errands, my 3 adorable kids helped to take care of Isyraf. Never once they complained though we know when Isyraf cries, he can really cry! My kids also helped to make sure our home is in order and few times they had to prepare their own food. I am so glad the training we gave them since they were small make them independent.

So this weekend it's all about them. Started Friday after work. My better half picked me up from work and we went straight for early dinner at Chilli's Citta Mall. Kids love to eat at Chilli's and it's been quite some time since we last had our meal here. One thing I observed, when they order food, they ordered in moderation keeping in mind "jangan membazir". Another positive attitude I see they are adapting.

And today, another day out with them. Started with breakfast at a random stall we stopped by. One thing about my kids, they are not fussy when it comes to where to eat, gerai, restaurants or hotel, all can one. After that, my better half had to run some errands. Life as entrepreneurs may seem to look easy, but actually there are challenges that come with it. We waited in the car while he settled what he needs to do.

What we had for lunch is the most interesting yet bizarre. We went to the durian buffet place in PJ and that was our lunch. It's located at Jalan Harapan, Section 19 PJ. Some may say, gila ke tengahari buta makan durian. Tak ke panas. Well, night traveling is not conducive for Israf so we had to settle for day travel. It was really good. Paid RM20 to makan durian sepuas2nya. I may not be a big durian eater but my better half and the kids really went all out and enjoyed the king of fruits. It was worth every ringgit paid!

One reason why we love taking the kids out, it's our opportunity to experience performing solat in mosques. We usually don't like to pray in shopping malls surau unless we have to. This time Zohor was at Masjid Wilayah when we made our way to Publika for tea.

I have been wanting to enjoy Boat Noodle. Didn't get to do so when I was pregnant and finally for the chance to try it today. One thing which I don't feel too great about this is the place is not ideal to bring Isyraf. Quite cramped for stroller to move, not to mention quite warm. We are glad we got a table right at the entrance so it's not too hot and ample space to put Isyraf's stroller. How's the food? For the price we paid, it was not too bad. Since we are still full from our durian fiesta, we didn't order that much. Even that is enough to make us feel kenyang giler. I love the Thai Iced Tea. Now I know what's the fuss about reading the reviews.

We asked the kids if they want to go home or go to other places and they chose to stop by Subang Parade. This time no food involved since we are super kenyang. Performed Asar at Masjid Subang Jaya and then proceed to Subang Parade. Ilham wanted to get some T-Shirts and the rest were just window shopping. We left after that so we can perform our maghrib at home, just in time by the way.

Yes, today has been good. Kids deserved this outing. They have been very accommodative and helpful. Yes, both my better half and I are still feeling sad, we did loss someone very dear to our life and my better half's shop got broken into the day after. However, life has to go on and what we can do is to continue to pray for all good things to happen. Moga Allah terus permudahkan...

Islam itu mudah. Jika anda memilih untuk berkabung, terpulanglah pada diri masing-masing. Adalah kurang bijak menghakimi orang lain hanya kerana mereka memilih untuk hidup gembira dan bahagia. Wallahu a'lam....

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