Saturday, September 29, 2012

Today, I wanna write about my dad

I have the sudden urge to write about my dad, a man I fondly called Abah.
I remembered I saw this picture of Abah totaly bald. I asked my Mom why did Abah go bald. He looked so different. And my Mom told me, he went bald cause he was fulfiling his nazar to Allah. If my Mom delivered a girl, he will go bald to show how grateful he is and that's exactly what he did.
That was the moment I know how much my Abah loves me.
You see, how I was brought up, takde feeling2 punyer. My Abah is not the type who shows how he feels. He hardly show affection explicitly. No hugging, no saying I love you, no none whatsover. He has his own way of showing his love.
My Abah climbed his was up, by himself. He had a humble beginning. He only completed his study up to standard 6 and due to family obligations and extreme financial constraint, he had to work to support his sibblings. But that never be an excuse for him to succeed. I remembered my aunties telling me my Abah is very hardworking, doing all sorts of kerja kampung. And he is very discipline and diligent in his work.
When Abah started working, he took night classes so that he can sit for SPM. Later a diploma and soon enough a degree. It was not easy. He had to work, take care of us and at the same time study. One thing about my Abah, he don't spend time with friends, lepak at mamak stalls or just hanging out. His journey has always been home and work, no diversion. If he goes out, it's only with my Mom. Nothing else.
Abah taught me about discipline. About how important time management is, not to be late in anything. And how crucial to complete what we started. Abah taught me I can do anything if I put my heart and my mind into it. And also about respect to elderly. I remembered one time I was reprimanded and later a pukul session just because addressed adults as korang. Lesson learnt, to really watch my language.
I know without Abah's persistent teaching me about discpline, I will not be the person I am. A person wh hardly is late for anything, a person who will never say bad things to elderly and a person who diligent in following through. I can't take credit to any of those, cause my Abah inculcate that in me.
I have always been Abah's football buddy, both in front of TV or at the stadium. I remembered riding motorbike with Abah, just the 2 of us, to Merdeka Stadium to watch Selangor matches. We will then have supper at Jalan 223 at the Nasi Lemak panas place. I remembered Abah took me to Wembley when I was 14 to watch Liverpool play. Abah has 2 sons, but I am his football buddy. How ironic.
I know Abah loves me, he may not show it, but I know he does. I know how he nearly died waiting for me outside of labour room everytime I delivered my kids. I know he loves me, he took care of me after a major surgery in 2003, making sure I eat right and not allowing me to even stepped out of the house. Yes, Abah loves me, he just have a different way to show it...
I just feel like writing about Abah today. Cause Abah will always have a special place in my heart....
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