Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liza Goes To Oxford ~ Why MBA Liza? Why?

When I shared with a few friends I got accepted to do MBA in Manchester Business School (well, initially I rold some friends, while others got to know cause someone who was processing my claims just decided to be the broadcaster), the reactions received were mixed. Some were so happy for me, it's not easy to get accepted to such school while others said "La, tak habis2 lagik nak belajar. Ada masa ke"
Well, let me tell you why I decided to do MBA.
  1. Meeting my personal KPI
I was raised by my Arwah Wan. One thing she has always taught me, is to have a dream. Infact, she enrouraged me to dream big. She kept telling me there is nothing that I can do. The moment I entered college, I have this personal KPI ~ to complete Master by the age of 35 and pHd by 40. It's pretty obvious I started my Master when I am 36 therefore no way I can complete by 35, and the domino effect will caused for the pHd target to be further delayed. However, I believe that is better than not doing at all, then, it will continue to be just another dream (same category as loosing weight, by the way)
      2. Self development Self esteem
Let's not play this cliche game. Some may say, MBA is good for self development. Yada yada yada. No one, at least no one in the right mind does MBA purely for self development and nothing else. Of course it will be tied back to other agendas like career progression and many other reasons. I for one, do this for my self esteem. I have never considered myself as a smart person. I have always feel I am no where as smart as my peers. Yes, I looked down on myself. However, after one and half semesters, I realised I may not be the smartest but I am not that dumb either.
     3. I want to make my parents proud
There have been many many occasions I let down my parents, particularly my dad. I know how disappointed he has been but being a dad, he still accepts me for the way I am. He did not get to celebrate my first graduation, I hope I can make him proud by taking him to UK and witness my graduation in 2014 Insyallah. I pray for him get to see that, praying very hard.
       4. Setting the tone for my kids
My kids are the most important element in my life. I want to set the right messaging and examples. I want to tell them how education is very important and there is no such thing as too old to do what you want to do. Of course, Baby just have something to say about this. One day, while she was observing me working hard to complete my assignment, she candidly asked me, "When I'm old like you Mama, do I still need to study hard like how I am doing now".
      5. I want to be less stereotype
I am one of the culprits, as much as I tried to refrain myself from doing so, who just automatically stereotyped. One recent example is this accounting module I just completed in Singapore. When I was told I need to be part of the Singapore cohort for Accounting, I was super worried. What if I am not smart enough for this cohort, what if they demanded too much from me (with the reputation of being kiasu) or what if we just don't get along. Boy, was I wrong. Despite accounting module was so taxing on me, I enjoyed the Singapore cohort. They are nice and open to share ideas and input. One of them even taught me how to have a Dropbox without making me feeling like an idiot. I am so glad I came to Singapore and meet this awesome people. I do hope our friendships will continue from here. Yes, you don't know what you don't know
Yes, I have concrete reason why I am doing MBA. I know my status as a wife, mother and employee. So far I don't think I have neglected any of those responsibilities. It's al about balancing and juggling. If I want this so badly, I will make it work.
While typing this, I know I have made a wise decision to still continue chasing my dream. Insyallah, by 2020, I will be known as Dr Siti Norliza Mohd Sahar, and I am pretty sure my dad will be beaming with joy just uttering that name tagged to his name. I know it's not impossible...
Now, to sustain the momentum and continue working hard...Insyallah, it will be a fun ride.
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