Sunday, September 9, 2012

I will not stop complaining......

I am a Malaysian. Born in Bangsar, raised in Kuala Selangor (lived with my Arwah Wan) and Kelana Jaya, got married and live in Puchong, USJ, Kelana Jaya and now Bangi. Everytime I moved from one location to another, it's for various reason. Either rental was too high, safety issues or the most common one, traffic.
I complain. In fact, I complained alot. At times, I am one of the few people who actually took the trouble to send complain letters or emails. I complain about many things. About how I feel things can be more efficient, how I suggest better ways of doing things, how I think some people are just not doing enough to provide good services for paying customers. The latest, I sent a long complaint email to PLUS for the traffic fiasco last Tuesday due to the rain which I feel it's because of PLUS failure of having a structured backup plans. To cut things short, yes, I complain.
But, when I complain, I do it because I want things to be better. When I go for my kids PIBG meeting, I complained because I feel kids, not only mine, deserve to get the best from the school and teachers. When I attend events, I complained to organisers so that they can do better in future events. I can say with convictions, never once I filed any complains because of hatred or some personal attack to anyone.
To me, when we want to get better,  we need to do 2 things ; we need to have the courage to complain and have the guts to accept complains. When we are at the complaining side, please remind ourselves to give constructive complains, make sure our nawaitu is for things to get better not to just complaining for the sake of complaining. And if you are at the receiving ends, learn to give some discounts to complains received. Some complains have no basis so give more discounts to this. Some are clearly done with malice intentions, further reductions need to be given here. But there are some provide really good feedback in form of complains and they share their thoughts because they care...
If we keep on giving 100% discount to all complains received, we will not improve. And worst, if we ask the complainants to go and fly kite. We can never go forward...and yet we aspire to be a developed nation.
I used to hate receiving complains. My first job was in a call centre. I get cursed, shouted at and at times forced to listened to usage of vulgar languages on daily basis. My second job, I received complains right to my face! There was once I attended a dialogue session with unions and one hostile attendee throw paper to my face asking why his claims were rejected. I was angry, sad and humiliated. But, this experience taught me to be more patient and persevere to all this behaviour. And now I know all this were to prepare me for bigger task ahead.
Now, I have to listen to complains about my country. This can be from my fellow Malaysians, or non Malaysians who have lived here or even those who decided to complains based on what they hear, not necessarily from their own experience. I am no longer upset, or ask them to go somewhere else if this place is not good enough for them. My other theory, it's the aging factor I am going through causing me to be more patient. Yes, my country may not be perfect but this is home. And just like how we clean or renovate our own house to make it a better home, we need to do the same for our country.
Even if one day, I decide to explore opportunities in other parts of the world, Malaysia will continue to be my home. And no matter where I will be in future, I will still want to see my Malaysia be the champion in many many areas.
And because I care for my country, I will not stop complaining :)
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