Monday, October 26, 2015

Our very own dengue adventure

Almost everyone I know has their very own dengue experience. Either they themselves have gotten it, or their spouses, children, or someone related to them. As for me, my youngest brother was infected by dengue few years back. 

I must be lying if I tell you I am prepared for this. Yes, I have heard of many related stories however, nothing prepared me for this experience. And to make it more interesting and less traumatising, I decided to call it adventure.

My better half's temperature began to rise on last 2 Sundays. It started right after he came back from his shop in Johor. Usually, he is a man full of energy. However, this round he just wanted to sleep. I thought he was just tired. As the night progress, I don't feel good and I have a feeling it might be dengue. Early Monday morning, I forced him to see the doctor, my preference is to go to the hospital but he insisted it's nothing and to go to a clinic instead.

However, the next day, his condition got worse and he is still not wanting to go to the hospital. That night, his whole body experienced cramps and I know I can't wait anymore. With my son help, we got my husband into our car and I drove him to the nearest hospital. 

He got his blood checked and it's confirmed as dengue. The hospital however asked us to go to another hospital as they have no bed. This was the start of my frustration. The service was so bad, no empathy whatsoever from that particular hospital in making sure my better half is well taken care of. Anyone in medical line would know dengue patient need to stay hydrated. I asked for some water and the nurse told me, "Takde, mesin air rosak". Unbelievable for a private hospital has no source of water at all. What is clear, they just want to get rid of us as we are no longer their problem.

I went to another nearby hospital and got rejected again. I called few other hospitals, either they have no beds or they can't accept my better half as his platelet is too low. In the middle of the night I was crying alone in the car driving my better half around praying for him to get the necessary treatment. 

We ended up in KPJ Kajang and this was the time I broke down when they can't accept my better half. I was begging and pleading for them to help as it's clearly my better half was in great pain. Despite not having any bed, I am glad they are willing to help. They know I am not in position to drive anymore, so they offered to send us to Hospital Kajang. They are the only hospital that explained to us, due to his platelet was low, the SOP is to send him to government hospital for treatment. No other hospital explained that to us.

Finally, my better half got accepted in Hospital Kajang. Condition of the hospital is not conducive but at least he is getting some treatment. It was 3.30am, I was sorting out the necessary paperwork before he can get admitted. As the hospital is full, he didn't get a proper bed, he was placed in a store on a stretcher which can only fit his body and his hands are literally dangling. Though I wish he is in a better treatment place, after what we went through, I am counting my blessings. At least, he started to get the necessary care and treatment.

Will continue to blog about the rest of the adventure later.

Pusat Rawatan An-Nur, despite having islamic approach and ambiance, the way you treated my better half embarrassed our religion. I no longer wish to seek treatment at your center and will not recommend my families and friends to do so either. I usually take my son for his monthly jabs here, well not anymore. 

Dearest nurses in KPJ Kajang. Only Allah can repay your kindness. You showed us you are not just a a profit oriented medical center and you really care for your patients, in our case, we are not even your patient yet. Thanks for sending us safely to Kajang Hospital, though you know you don't have to. We will be forever grateful. My apology for not getting the nurses names. I will surely write officially to your management so everyone who helped us that night will get the necessary recognition.

Ok, gottta go. Stay tuned for the next dengue adventure :) 

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