Saturday, October 31, 2015

What To Expect When You Get Dengue

Yes, the second edition of my better half dengue adventure. I will try to make this short and sweet given what I will be sharing with you is something you have heard before from those who had their own dengue adventure.

3 top things you need to expect the moment you are confirmed being diagnosed with dengue.

#1 - Advise, Advise, Advise

Yes, expect anyone and everyone to give you advise. Like I said, almost everyone had their own dengue encounter. Sup ketam, jus daun betik, kiwi juice, 100 Plus among others. To be really honest, it was overwhelming for me. With an infant at home, 2 more school going kids and a sick husband at hospital, as much as I valued the advise, I was secretly wishing for more help. I was fortunate my parents rushed to our rescue the moment they received my call,  aaking care of my kids when I need to make my trips to the hospital and my youngest brother who became my driver taking me everywhere. That is exactly I need. I reminded myself, next time if anyone close to me got dengue, I will definitely make Sup ketam for them, prepare the jus daun betik and try to make life easier for them.

And yes, I didn't follow the 100 Plus advise. Just doesn't sound right to me and it's validated by many of my friends who are medical doctors. Instead, I make my better half to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

#2 Before it goes up, it will go really down

When my better half was first diagnosed with dengue, his platelet was 42. And it went down as low as 17 when he was admitted. Of course, for someone who has no medical knowledge, I panicked, and panicked really bad. However, doctors assured me that's a normal trend and we just need to get him to stay hydrated. Apart from the drip treatment, my better half need to drink so we monitored his fluid in take. Alhamdulilah, within 5 days, his platelet went back up.

#3 I need to take care of myself too

Sometimes I forget I need to rest, eat and take care of myself too. It will not help if I also fall sick. Running around here and there, sometimes I forget that. My mom was the one who gave me constant reminder I need to make sure I eat on time, I sleep well and I rest. I know it's easier said than done, but it is important.

What did we do first the moment my better half recovered? I cooked Chilli Crab, Sup ketam has been eliminated from our menu until further notice :).

In all honesty, I don't want anyone to go through our experience. Even people who I don't like that much. Maybe I don't have anyone I hate so much that I want to see them suffer like that....

So, people, prevention is always better than cure. Make sure your home is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes. No one should ever go through dengue experience if we can help it.

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