Friday, August 22, 2014

Hungry!!! Like all the time!!!

I must confess, I am enjoying pregnancy. I have not been pregnant for donkey years so I told myself I must cherish the moment and allow people to pamper me though at times I felt I am treated as if like I am handicapped. But when I think about it, this "treatment" will be over in 6 months so better enjoy it while it lasts!

However, what is kind of annoying is my eating patterns. And this pattern is called Feed Me Every 15 Minutes! I am not kidding you! Like this morning, I had this awesome bowl of soto with bergedil and all, and shortly after that, I am hungry again and was looking for biscuits. Seriously, not funny at all.

2 weeks ago, I woke my better half up at 2.30am telling him I am hungry and I want instant noodle Assam Laksa. Yes, you read it right, it was 2.30am in the morning. And being a good husband, though I know he secretly wish I can hold my hunger few hours more and wait till later in the morning, he cooked that for me. I am a lucky pregnant woman.

Today, I had lunch with a good friend who took me for banana leaf lunch with fish head curry. I ate like there's no tomorrow. And with an hour, I am hungry. I tried to ignore the stomach calling by keeping myself busy with work and drinking lots of water, not only it didn't work, I end up peeing so frequently that I annoy myself.

My mom advised me to keep small packets of biscuits in my handbag cause she knows I am eating frequently but not all the time in large portions. Suffering from MALAS syndrome, I often forgot to do that and end up struggling to find food. Oklah Mummy. I promised I do that jap lagik (I sound like my own kids sometimes when it comes to procrastination)

Signing off now. Waiting for road side hotdog, my better half is out on a crusade to buy that for me. Cause why? Cause I am HUNGRY again!!!

P/s - To Maryam Wong, thanks for the offer to give me nuts and dried fruits. But, I tak nak cause tak sedap! LOL!

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Abang Bear said...

Hahaha... dua orang makan... logik lah... kalau sesiapa sound... cakap je dua orang makan bah...