Sunday, August 3, 2014

After 13 years

Yes, I am trying starting to blog again. As some of you may have known, I am entering yet another new phase of my life. Some may think it's not new, since I have 3 kids hence 3 pregnancies and 3 birth experience. However, I must tell you a secret, no pregnancy is similar to another (in whispering voice) #sarcasm.

Yes, this is a new phase. I have never been pregnant at the age of 38. Yes, every experience I encounter is something new to me. I am not the kind of person who practice "Been there, done that". I cherish and would want to enjoy every experience the best way possible.

When I got to know we are expecting, I wanted to be really sure. I don't want to share this news prematurely. Maybe due to some stress, my hormones were reacting hence delaying whatever that is supposed to come every month. So, I waited until the first specialist visit where all the further tests and scanning were done and to confirm the news.

I then shared with people closest to me. And being an introvert person (this is real, not in any form of sarcasm), I don't have that many of those. And I only broke the news to the rest of the world 3 weeks after that.

Yes, we are expecting. Yes, my kids are very excited even Baby is very excited. She is pissed though for keep on getting comments like;

"Baby dah tak Baby lagik"

"Nanti Baby dah tak manja lah kan"

"Baby dah nak ada Adik, mesti jealous kan"?

She told me last night, why do people like to assume. They don't even know her in person. She is excited and prepped herself the last 3 years (yes, she said 3 years) for this moment. She is not jealous and she knows she will still be Baby, the name she carries for the last 13 years. So, she did the next smart thing, she named the new addition, Tiny. (Pronounced as Ty-ni, not Ti-ni, she is also not too happy when people mispronounced)

So, guys, be prepared to read my new journey. And like any other things on social media, no one force you to read it. So feel free to skip and move on with your life ya!

2 months and counting....

Liza Gonna Be Mama for The 4th Time :) #Alhamdulilah


Nurhayati said...

congrats kakakkkk.. yey bestnyer nak dapat baby :)

Rohani Hashim said...

Liza...alhamdulillah tahniah. Murah rezeki yg ke4 dah. Hany baru je diberi rezeki utk kali pertama setelah 5thn menunggu. Tahniah liza...

Al-Manar said...

Congratulations. From four you move on to five ..... and twelve! That is if you maintain being 38! I laugh to myself when you say '...I have never been pregnant at the age of 38 .... How many time have you been 38? I was once thirty eight years ago but I did not give birth - my other half did three times but in different years!

Wish you well, dear lady. Do not take seriously my light-hearted remarks above.

Liza said...

Thanks Yati aand Hany. Doakan semua berjalan lancar yer