Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Liza On The Map ~ Legoland Yo!

One of my kids favourite thing is going to theme parks. So far, they have been to many theme parks in Malaysia, both indoor and outdoor, Universal Studios, theme parks in Gold Coast and the latest addition to this theme park craze is none other than Legoland. They have been wanting to go to Legoland since the day it opened in September. They were quite frustrated when they did not get to go for my company's excursion to Legoland as I have classes that weekend.

So, embracing the concept Janji Ditepati long before it became our Merdeka Day slogan, we took them them in November. Knowing this will not be the only time we will visit this place, we decided to take the Annual Pass, much more worth it. Collecting Annual Pass was already a challenge. The queue was long, under the hot sun despite arriving before 10am. After nearly an hour, we managed to get our Annual Pass ready and proceed to enter the park. 

Kids went straight ahead to rides they want to enjoy. While waiting for our turn to do the Annual Pass, they already identified which rides they want to explore first from the Legoland map. Me? I am just a happy bystander, not wanting to be in any rides, no matter how boring or exciting the rides maybe. I am happy to observe and snap photos.

Alhamdulilah, kids managed to enjoy almost all the rides that day. The weather was not too bad, it was not as hot as how many people who have been here told us. We were very lucky actually. It rained for a while, thank God we did not get the overpriced poncho. Imagine RM15 for one poncho which was nothing but a plastic bag, and for 5 of us, that will costs us RM75. It rained for less than 30 minutes, so, we're good.

I love the whole flow of Legoland. The surau was spacious for a theme park, there are toilets everywhere and the makan places were evenly spread. The food price is not too bad, much much cheaper than many many other theme parks we have been to. We had our late lunch at Pizza Mania. That's one of the trick going to theme parks. Don't have your lunch exactly during lunch hour. The makan places will be packed. And this is the best time for you to go for rides while others go for their makan :)

By 3pm, both my better half and I were already exhausted so we lepak at this cafe by the entrance and told the kids to go wherever they want to and meet us at the cafe at 5pm. And they are not allowed to be separated, must go together. They managed to enjoy second and third rounds of the rides they have tried earlier. 

All in all, we had so much fun! Legoland is defnitely a must go place. Go to if you want more info on the prices and the rides available. But, if I may offer my opinion, the Annual Pass is definitely an awesome deal not to be missed!

So, which theme park kids will get to enjoy? Did I hear Paris Disneyland?? Watch this space for more update!

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Gina said...

Salam Liza
Memang agree sangat-sangat dengan annual pass tu tapi kena tggu tahun depan la nak beli hoprfully tak naik harga. We all tak sabar nak tggu Lego Hotel siap, nak merada duduk dlm bilik Lego. Sangat teruja