Thursday, December 27, 2012

Liza Got Taste ~ @grills, Bangi

I dread to do this entry. Simply because I am on diet and this time I am determined I'll stick to it until I get to my ideal weight. So, evidently this was an overdue entry and in my attempt to blog consistently, I have compiled all the lists of items which I wanted to blog about so that I don't forget.

Our family love western food. However, the challenge is it's difficult to get a descent one which doesn't cost a bomb. There are few nice places but you can't have it that often as the price can burn a big hole on your pockets. So, when this new place opened in Bandar Baru Bangi, we were quite excited to give it a try.

The place is called @grills located behind Paparich, same row as Mohd Chan Restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi. Full address No 50, Jalan Medan Pusat 2C, Persiaran Bangi, Bandar Baru Bangi. Not difficult to find, it's very near to PKNS Bangi. Parking for now is not an issue, not many shops with a lot of patrons open at the area.

Deco wise, oklah. Not too bad. I think they are supposed to open the top floor as well. For now, it is still not ready. In fact, you can see kitchen utensils from the display window. Not a good scene I must say. They have both indoor and outdoor seating for obvious reasons, separating smokers and non smokers. As you enter, there's dessert bar with cakes offerings. Not a sweet tooth person so not attracted. Kids and my better half however, love this.

How's the food. Well, we have been here 3 times, so not too bad. The prices are ok as well, not too pricey like other western food outlet. The selections are quite a spread. They even have lobsters for those who have high taste and high budget. What I love the most is their pasta selection. My kids love pasta like lasagna and mac and cheese. Normal steak house don't really have that. I love their lamb chop, very nicely cooked with delicious pumpkin puree and mashed potatoes.

Service was good on our first 2 trips, the last trip was not that ok. The food was served late and we even waited for more than 5 minutes before someone took our order. However, they have improved in terms of payment method. Previously only cash is accepted, now they have started to accept cards.

The last trip we had, we had this selection.

So, for those who want to try, you can refer to their FB fan page for more info.

My take, worth the try. They just need to maintain their good service level like the first time we came. 

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