Monday, December 24, 2012

Liza Goes To Movies ~ The Hobbit

Nota tapak kaki atas entry ~ This review is mainly based on my kids input since this movie is not my cup of tea.

I must confess, I am not into science fiction or ala Harry Potter kind of movie. Star Wars or Star Trek don't excite me either. Everytime my kids asked me to take them to this kind of movies, I will try my very best to dodge it. But, most of the time (or make it all the time), they will win and I will be in the loosing end. I will normally end up watching this kind of movies and most of the times feeling bored to death. However, I did enjoy the last Harry Potter edition Deathly Hollows I think. I was engaged and watched until the end of the movie without checking my blackberry.

So, when they insist I take them to watch The Hobbit, my first reaction was "The what?" and they were trying very hard to explain how it's related to Lord Of The Ring but I lost them at Mama, it's an edition of Lord of The bla bla bla. I can see lips moving but can't make out the words that came out of it. I gave in but put a condition that we will watch this at The Mines so that I can go to the Big Bad Wolf Sale after that. They agreed cause I know they wanna go to the same sale as well. 

Some what getting there was a big challenge, of course thanks to the BBW sale. And locating the cinema was another obstacle. I bought the tickets online so okaylah skit. Kids entered the cinema first while I queued for popcorn and waited for my better half to come in after looking for parking space. By the time we went in, the movie has started for less than 10 minutes. Kids did say we did not miss much.

My take ; oklah though I get to update my FB status and checked for other things online which shows that I was not highly engaged. But the kids love it. They love it! Why? They love the adventure, the sound effect and continuous excitement in the movie. 

Part they love the most:

Mira ~ The Gollum with split personality and was furious when he(or at times she) lost the ring. Mira kept on imitating the line "Precious".

Ilham ~ He loves the part where the stone giant fought each other. That was so exciting according to him. And another part he loves when the dwarves killed the large group of Orc clans as well as the hideous looking leader. 

Baby ~ Baby loves all the parts, siap cakap kalau suka skit2 rugi beli tiket. Iyerlah Baby...

As for me, I love the part where the movie ends and I can finally leave the cinema...LOL! And of course, I love the TGV Popcorn :) But, in the movie I love Galadriel dress. Cantik!!!!

So, how the kids rate the movie. 

7 out of 10 from Mira. 
8 out of 10 from Ilham

And Baby said, "I wanted to give it 10 out of 10 if not because I feel it's a scam for a movie to have no concrete ending just so that we watch the sequel. And because of that, they get 9 only"

Next, they want to watch Life of Pi!! Oh God, why I can't I just watch a bimbo movie where the ending is "And they live happily ever after"

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