Monday, January 9, 2012

Liza on the map ~ the overdue Terengganu trip

We wanted to start this new tradition. Tradition of bringing our parents for a holiday. At first, we wanted to have one trip combining both my parents and in-laws. Then we thought we need to understand the traveling patterns of our parents to ensure compatibility. Yes, I am that detail when it comes to traveling.

So, we started of by taking my in-laws to Terengganu. Lucky us, MAS was having massive sale, we get to purchase the tickets at a super cheap price. All bookings done and I have prepared itinerary for the 3 days 2 nights trip which suit my in-laws. Not too heavy, and not too much walking.

We covered many places in Kuala Terengganu. We went to Taman Warisan where we got to see the replicas of famous mosques in the world. When Abah and Mak saw Masjidil Haram and Masjid Annabawi, they become quite sad and missing the time they saw this mosques when they perform their haj. This Taman is really wide. You can choose to walk, or rent a bike. We opted for buggy rental instead with private tour. Apart from that we also visited a place where boats (big ones) are made.

Some info for those who wish to plan a trip to Kuala Terengganu

Must eat
  • All type of Terengaanu dishes like Nasi Minyak, Nasi Dagang, Ikan Celup Tepung and of course Keropok Lekor
  • It's better if you get opinions from friends who are familiar with KT. This is to ensure you get better deals with better tastes.
  • As much as you love to have breakfast in the hotel, consider having breakfast at stalls instead. Cause, breakfast in KT is usually when the best food is served
Must shop
  • What is a trip to Terengganu if you don't buy Terengganu batik. There's Pasar Payang for that. Make sure you bargain for the best deals.
  • Buying keropok is also a must. We tried out about 4 stalls, and all I can say it tasted some what the same. So, don't be too deceived when people recommend you to buy at certain outlets
Must see
  • Taman Warisan is a total must.
  • Near Taman Warisan, there's cruise ride. If you are lucky like us, you get good boat guide who told us the history of Kuala Terennganu and its landmarks
Some photos for you to enjoy.

Ultimately, the main goal of this trip was met. That is to make Abah and Mak happy...and that's what matter the most!

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e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

rumah arwah nenek eliss kat KT. lama dah tak balik KT ;p kalo balik trg, duk umah ajer kat dungun tu. bagi me, pasar payang tu mahal jugak ! sbb semua orang tumpu kat situ. me suka beli kat atas stesen bas.

mzhany said...

liza, tempat buat bot tu adalah pulau duyong...tapi tu duyong besar, rumah mak hany duyong kecik...