Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liza goes to movie ~ Ombak Rindu The Review

Yes, I know. Many would say "Baru nak tgk ke" or even, "Too latelah to give review"

Well, I don't get to go to cinema that much nowadays, infact, the last movie I saw in cinema was Cars2 like months a go. And yes, despite this movie has been shown in Astro First for quite sometime, I only saw it 2 days ago. Why? Of course time constraint and given the level of emotional intensity based on those who have reviewed the movie, I thought I must wait until the right time and moment to watch this. And that right time and moment was 2 days ago.

What I think about it?

Let's see from various perspective

To be really honest, I don't really like the actors/actresses lined up for this movie. Having Maya Karin plays a gadis kg is something I have difficulty to sink in my head. Not only because of her pan asian look, also her malay accent which made me struggle to see the kekampungan in this. IMHO, perhaps this can be played by the likes of Nabila. As for Aaron Aziz, still acceptable lah *drooling*. I love Bront Palarae's acting, just that his role was not properly expanded in this movie. And another wish list would be for the Dato' role to be played by other actress, certainly not Azizah Mahzan. I think she over did it. I would prefer to have this role played by Liza Abdullah, she was awesome in Tentang Dhia. Lisa Surihani was oklah, this was one of her better acting, not that she has many.

To be frank, I was quite disappointed with the flow. I read the book and somehow, the book touched my heart, unlike the movie. I was trying to find a scene which can really shed tears in my eyes and the closest I can think of was when Hariz when for a kenduri at Zaidi Omar's house and he hugging Izzah, telling her how much he misses her. Yes, that's the closest but still no tears. I was trying to dive into the sensitive emo part of me and still could not find one. Until the end of the movie, mata sekering-keringnya

What soundtrack? There was only one song played from beginning till the end. My boss said watching this movie is like watching a long video clip. Takde lagu lain ker

I can't comment about editing, cinematography and all that techie aspects. Not my area lah, and won't pretend to know all that.

Final verdict? Quite a disappointment. Was expecting something impactful, something which can cause me to at least shed a tear or two, but I can't find the spot for that in this movie.

What I love the most about this movie? The design of Hariz's house ; both the one with Maya Karin in it as well as the one he stays with his mom. Cantik! I want a house with that design too!!

Thought of watching Songlap tonight. Look out for the review, Insyallah.....

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atty's said...

kalo ramai yg suka Aaron,tp aty suka bront palarea,cter tu x dpt buat aty nangis pun

intan izani said...

i think i've to agree some of yours here. but wait, is it nabila huda you're referring to, to be izzah? imo, maya better, to me, look does matter.

seriously, i dont understand what the fuss is all about. ppl cried. watching more than 3 times and all... but yeah, different ppl, different opinions.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

movie ni taraf cekerama gitu bagi eliss dan hubby ;p

kak ina kl said...

akak siap tertidur masa layan movie ni dalam pawagam..sabar ajerlah kan