Saturday, December 31, 2011

Liza on the map ~ the overdue US working trip

I never imagined myself given the opportunity to represent my company for overseas assignment, let alone to be given the chance to go around US for work. It was indeed a tiring trip touring from one state to another, having to take flight every other day, and deprived from real food. The schedule was very tight simply because I don't want to leave my family for too long.

The cities visited goes like this :

New York - Chicago - San Fransisco - Los Angeles - Chicago - Boston - New York

In this trip, I visited about 9 universities, attended 6 engagement sessions with Malaysians and 4 sessions with Malaysian scholars. I also met up with few old friends who have been residing in US for quite sometime. I must say this experience was really valuable. If given the chance to come again, I would want to go to San Fransisco and New York with my family. I love this 2 places and had an awesome time there. The fact that I have 10 years Visa will make this dream easier Insyallah. Talking about Visa, please apply way in advance. It can be a long unpleasant experience for some, Alhamdulilah, in my case, somehow di permudahkan. However, while I was at the US embassy I can hear some interviews which can be intimidating.

Some info based on my limited experience, given the fact that it was a working trip :

Must Go
  • Woodbury Premium Outlet, New York
  • Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco
  • Silicon Valley where Google, Yahoo, Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook offices are
  • Times Square, New York
  • Kodak Center, LA
Must Do
  • Any live games, I got to go to baseball match
  • Ride of San Fransisco Cable Car or better known as tram
  • Broadway Theatre, something I wanted to do but did not have the time. Insyallah, next visit
  • Walk at Central Park, this was really an awesome experience
  • Try our the subway. Can be an interesting experience, smelly and scary as well :)
Must Eat (Can't really comment on this, did not get the opportunity to explore due to tight schedule, practically survived on hot chocolate and bread most of the time)
  • Halal Guys, New York. Awesome kebab and beriani
  • Seafood at Fisherman's Wharf, San Fransisco
Must shop
  • US branded stuff like Coach, Cole Hanns, Fossil - Super cheap!!
  • Electronic stuff. Got myself Garmin GPS and Kindle. Super cheap as well
Must see
  • Empire State building, New York
  • Rockefeller Center, New York
  • Statue of Liberty, New York
  • Hollywood Hill, Los Angeles
Enjoy this photos, managed to snap some in between meetings :)

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