Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liza on the map ~ the overdue Australia trip ; Gold Coast Edition

After spending 2 nights in Sydney, we flew off to Gold Coast. The flight took about an hour and we took the first flight out. When we landed in Gold Coast, the weather was quite gloomy and we went straight to Dream World. It started to drizzle the moment we enter Dream World but no way we will allow that to stop us from having fun! We bought us a poncho each and went to enjoy the ride there. Actually the rain is a blessing. There were not many people at the park and most of the rides, we don't have to queue to enjoy it. Few rides, kids even rode them few times. And it was a blast. We also get to take photos with koalas and kangaroos!

Second day was spent at Movie World. We arrived even before the part was open. If I were to choose between Movie World and Dream World, my choice is Movie World. Kids made the same choice as well. They love the rides there, they said it's more challenging. Me? I just enjoyed being in a place where I can really visualise movies I adore. The best part of the day (at least to me) is the movie characters parade. They had Batman and Robin, Justice Leagues, Scobby Doo and team and many more! And when they start to shuffle to LMFAO tune, I got very excited!

I enjoyed Gold Coast's beach. We spent every night at the beach. There's one night we went to Pasar Malam (yes, that's what they call it) where we get to see many local made stuff. It was an interesting experience.

Of course, we visited the SkyPoint where we can the whole Gold Coast City and enjoyed the view of the beaches from 77th floor.

Some tips if you plan to go to Gold Coast one day

Must eat

We stayed at this hotel called Mantra and they have this Malaysian halal Chinese restaurant at their ground floor. I love the food there, and it was also my first time eating abalone. Not too crazy about it though. Other than that, nothing much. No worries about halal food, many arab outlets along the coastal area.

Must shop

If you plan to get souviners to bring back, Gold Coast offers loads of it at quite cheap price. We bought some tshirts, koalas and kangaroos keychains, nougats and some stuffed toys.
Must see

The Skypoint especially those who are into photography. The view is just to die for.

Must do

Trip to Gold Coast will not be complete if you don't go to the theme parks. And please please please spend more time at the beach. Not only it's beautiful, infra wise, it's just complete!
Some pics capturing the moments at Gold Coast

Yes, we do hope to return to the land down under someday. But for now, we are focus to put our name on other parts of the world...
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Eliss Mie said...

syoknya..bila pulak saya nak kesini yer.

Liza said...

Insyallah Eliss, ada rezeki the time will come :)