Thursday, April 7, 2011

An eye opening trip - Interesting things happened in Oxford and Cambridge

Before we made our move to the next city aka London, there are few things that happened in Oxford and Cambridge that I would like to share with you :

1. Oxford
  • I did not share this with anyone until the day I safely arrived home. While sleeping in a hotel at Oxford, around 2am suddenly the lamp shade next to the TV just vibrated. I was too tired to even feel scared and the only reaction I gave was sshhhhh......... The vibration did not stop, so I got up said ssshhhhhhh and just hold the lamp shade. It stopped vibrating and I just went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, to be honest I was not sure whether I was dreaming or what happened was for real.
  • I love Oxford. Oxford is a place I can imagine living in, raising my kids and grow old there. I love the buildings, the serenity of the areas and the fact that I can walk or cycle everywhere
  • If I see my schedule, I don't think I have the time to visit the Harry Potter's dining hall. But knowing Ilham would be disappointed if I didn't take photos of this place, I went there for about 30 minutes in between meetings. Snapped few photos and then left for the next meeting
  • While the scholars took us for a tour, a Hindi movie was doing their filming. The main actor is Akshay Kumar and I get to see him in action. We were not allowed to take any photos though, the security sangat garang! And guess what, Akshay and the crew were also staying in the same hotel as we do ;)
  • Another interesting thing in the hotel we stayed, we are not allowed to use mobile phone at the dining place. You need to use the phone, you leave the hall
2. Cambridge
  • The structure of town are better organised, unlike Oxford
  • Cambridge has a shopping mall right in the middle of the town. Since I am not really a shopping mall person, this did not excite me at all
  • The hotel we stayed in gave is this spray and roll on which are supposed to help us sleep. I took that with me so that it can help me to sleep in other cities. I have this problem not able to sleep other than my own bed. Alhamdulilah, it worked in other hotels.
  • The ipad2 was launching the same day we were there. The launch was supposed to start at 5pm but the queue started at 7am!
  • We went to this morning market and was greeted by a sales girl. Knowing we are malay, she quickly asked us whether weather we are Malaysian. Apparently she has been in Oxford for the last 18 years
All and all, the 2 meeting locations are very beautiful. Next stop, London City\

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Shafa said...

nanti update la dengan gambar2 sekali. seronok tengok org lain pergi overseas. dpt tengok negara luar dan kemajuan2 mereka..

dieya said...

pls pls pls put up some pics! i totally wanna see how those mega unis look from the inside!